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Here you will find my personal view about selected events relating to Granada, 'the city where anything is possible', Granada, 'la bella y la bestia', and particularly about the city's uneasy relationship with its greatest son, Federico Garcia Lorca, who alternatively loved and loathed it.

The Lorca Centre (reprise)

The Lorca Centre Posted on Sun, January 30, 2011 21:35:15

It would be almost tragic if it wasn’t so farcical. Last October I blogged the proximate inauguration of the Lorca Centre in Granada, being built to house under one roof all the source material related to the poet’s legacy that has hitherto been in the care of the Garcia Lorca Foundation and the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid.

After delays caused by the wrangling among the participating financial backers in central, autonomous regional, provincial and local urban government I reported how an agreement had happily been reached and announced the Centre’s forthcoming inauguration on an unspecified date ‘early’ next year. That’s this year.

The inauguration programme contained great things, including an impressive exhibition around Poet in New York, with a staging of the pre-publication readings Lorca used to give throughout the 1930s; another exhibition on Dalí, Lorca y la Residencia de Estudiantes; performances of How Five Years Pass, a play written straight after the poet’s New York experience, directed by Claudio Tolcachir; and a work fusing Lorca’s unfinished play Comedy without a Title with Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream under the directorship of Juan Carlos Corazza. (See #post4.)

In view of my knowledge and experience of Lorca’s Granada, the Granada of contemplation, dreams, and inertia, of grand projects that fail to come off, I should have refrained from such boldness in my blogging.

January 2011 and the problem of the 4 million euro shortfall in the Centre’s financing still has not been resolved and the construction company Ferrovial has refused to complete the building before the money is on the table. [Elena Llompart / Granada Hoy / 21.01.2011.]

In an attempt to save something of the inaugural programme, the Garcia Lorca Foundation has stepped in to ensure that at least a production of Comedy without a Title/A Midsummer Night’s Dream is put on at the de Caja Granada’s new Teatro Isidoro Máiquez on 11 and 12 February.

But there is nowhere it seems to host the Dalí – Lorca exhibition which was due to open in the Lorca Centre when it closes in Madrid on 6 February. And as long as the financial backers fail to reach an agreement over how to summon up the missing millions the Centre and its inauguration programme face an uncertain future. [Elena Llompart / Granada Hoy / 22.01.2011]

I finished my last blog on this topic: Look out for news on the opening dates! I might have added as I do now: But don’t hold your breath!

the airport and ryanair

Airport Posted on Sun, January 30, 2011 19:56:44

In 2010 Granada Airport suffered the greatest percentage fall in the number of passengers since 1981, thanks largely to Ryanair discontinuing its flights on four routes – to London, Liverpool, Madrid, and Gerona. This followed the low-cost airline’s failure to blackmail Granada into paying greater subsidies for the privilege of hosting its cheap flights.

The number of passengers using Granada Airport was 978,107, 17.7% down on the 1,187,813 travellers in 2009. This loss of 209,706 passengers followed the 234,201 loss in 2009 compared to 2008 (16.5% down) and the loss of 45,611 customers from 2007 to 2008 (3.1% down). In other words, since the balmy days of 2007 Granada Airport has lost almost half a million passengers (489,518) and you have to go back to 2005 to find the last time fewer than a million travellers passed through the Airport in the course of a year.

Last year’s 17.7% percentage fall in the number of passengers was last exceeded, as we said, in 1981, but then the fall was only 36,214 from 186.165 to 149.951 (19,4%).

In 2007 Granada had risen to 21st busiest airport in Spain. Since then it has fallen year by year to position 25 in 2010.

Granada falls from 3rd to 4th place among Andalusian Airports, behind Malaga, Sevilla, and now Jerez de la Frontera, all of which enjoyed modest growth last year, in line with national trends.

Source: Camara Granada – AEFI

Ryanair attempted to replace Granada as one of its low-cost destinations with Ciudad Real. Spain’s ‘biggest private airport’ greeted its first Ryanair flight at the end of May, shortly after it had pulled out of Granada. The airport was ‘optimistic’ that the notoriously mean airline would add ‘at least two further destinations in the near future’. But in fact it cancelled the route Ciudad Real – London Stansted in November, leaving the international private airport with just one route, to Paris.