This is a follow-up to my blog
about the the
statue dedicated to Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera in front of the Palacio
Bibtaubin (
The Right want to keep it; the Left want to scrap it. The Right say it’s a work
of art and politics doesn’t matter. The Left say it’s a monstrosity and an
insult to the victims of Franco’s fascist regime.

Well, in their strategy of
eulogising the statue as a work of art, and so being worthy of preservation, the
right-wing PP (Partido Popular)-controlled city council decided in favour of naming a
public square in the city after its creator, the sculptor Francisco López
Burgos, winner of the 1954 National Sculpture Prize, so evidently a great
artist. The aim of the city council is to rehabilitate the name of said sculptor
and to rescue him from the ostracism he has suffered in modern (post-Franco)
times, thus giving official recognition to his artistic work as being “above” politics. That would include this piece, dedicated as we said to Jose Antonio.

The council picked on a square called
‘Plaza del Rocio’ for Lopez Burgos’s rehabilitation
but this quickly met with neighbourhood opposition. They didn’t have anything
against Mr Lopez Burgos, they said, but they rather preferred the traditional
name Rocio, which the Square had been called for 40 years. Thwarted, the PP
Mayor now hopes to find a not-yet-named square in a new part of town, but with
the crisis and construction stop, this is likely to be problematic for a while.

an initiative of leftist artists and intellectuals has come up with the idea of
erecting a statue in honour of the recently deceased flamenco singer Enrique
Morente in place of the one dedicated to the founder of the Falange, Jose
Antonio de Rivera. The initiative is supported by flamenco artists, actors,
writers, journalists, and politicians, who argue that Morente is a symbol of
the struggle for freedom and civic harmony, which of course could never be said of Jose Antonio,
whose anti-democratic ideas divided Spanish society.

This puts the PP on the spot, because
although everyone knows Morente was a leftie, he was also undeniably one of the
greatest artists in Granada’s recent history, maybe the greatest, with an
international reputation for his innovative contributions to that so Andalusian
of art forms, el flamenco. And though they may have more sympathy with Jose
Antonio for his right-wing politics, – this Lopez Burgos, well, in spite of his
1954 sculpture prize, he just doesn’t have remotely comparable artistic
credentials. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with, and if the
Morente proposal prospers.

Images. 1: Granada la bella. 2: La bestia.

Source: Granada Hoy, 27.02.2011