Joe Strummer is not the only lorquista on the progressive music
scene. Patti Smith will take part in this year’s anniversary celebrations of Lorca’s
birth (5 June 1898) once again – but this time in New York.

Patti Smith sang at the centenary
celebrations at the Huerta de San Vicente in 1998 and she performed there again
in 2008. But this time her tribute will be in New York as part of the great
international Lorca event being put on by Columbia University.

When she was in Granada for the 2008 gig,
Patti checked out on the progress of the Lorca Centre in La Romanilla, where in
happier circumstances she might even have been performing and the completion of
which she said then she considered important for contemporary and future
contact between artists and the dead poet’s work.

Mindful, no doubt, of the deadlock that has
prevented the opening of the Lorca Centre for so many years, Laura García-Lorca
set about arranging the singer’s participation in the 5 June memorial in New
York this year. She no longer puts her faith in a programme of activities at
the Centre in La Romanilla after the fracas of 2011, when a great inauguration
programme was planned and then had to be scrapped when the money dried up.

In addition to Patti Smiths’s New York
performance, there will be an exhibition with the original manuscript of Poeta
en Nueva York,
acquired by the Lorca Foundation by auction at Christie’s in
2003, a theatrical work based on the book starring Will King of the Royal
Shakespeare Company, and a bilingual puppet show, all of them originally
supposed to have been put on at the ill-fated inauguration of the Centro Lorca
in 2011. Laura Garcia-Lorca will not be drawn on when she thinks the
inauguration of the centre will finally go ahead.

The saga of the Lorca Centre has been
previously been blogged in #post4, #post16,
and #post18.

Dreams dreamed in Granada, city of dreams par excellence. Realisation in New York,
city of action and enterprise.

Based on
G. Cappa granada 13.02.2013

More on the frustrating delays to the opening of the
Lorca Centre in Spanish by Jose A. Cano