In February
2013 and March 2014 I blogged under the title of Low-Speed AVE about the delays
and difficulties there were in connecting Granada to the High Speed Rail
Network popularly known as AVE.

For two
years now Granada has had no trains of any kind and passengers have to be
bussed to Antequera to link up to the rail network.

The two-year
interruption to rail services west of Granada is due to complications that have
arisen in constructing an 18 kilometre stretch of the high-speed line through
Loja, a town some 50 kilometres away.

At a meeting
of the Andalusian PP (Popular Party), Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy promised us
the arrival of the AVE “sooner rather than later”.

In the
meantime, RENFE, Spanish Rail, renewed its contract for buses to transfer their
passengers to Antequera for another six months, with an extension of a further
six months likely.

Autumn 2017
has been bandied about as a possible inauguration date for the Granada AVE, but Rajoy was careful
to avoid committing to it in his party political speech. Nobody is holding
their breath in expectation, certainly not RENFE, who have not ruled out further extensions to their bus contract.

When Malaga
got their AVE in 2007, we in Granada were confident that it was our turn soon.

When it does
arrive, it will almost certainly be by means of a single track
between Granada and Loja, following the same 18 km trajectory that has been in use
since 1866. And the proposal to have it enter the city underground, passing beneath
the Chana neighbourhood in the west of the city, has been clearly put on the back

is not the AVE we envisaged ten years ago.

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