The promised
inauguration of the Metro in Granada for March this year (see post 55, 2 Feb 17), – it looks as if it’s
going to happen, but in a scaled-down form. That is, like the High Speed AVE
was reduced to a Low Speed version, and then a No Speed service (see post 54, 30 Jan 17), at least for
2017, the Metro it appears is going to be introduced as a trial service at
first, running from just 9am to 3pm, and that with only one train an hour. A
further delay in the full inauguration to autumn or beyond the end of the year
is not inconceivable.

If you think
that’s bad enough, better not look at the cost, which has risen so far from an
initial budget of 260m to over 558m euros. This might suggest that those
responsible for calculating the costs are incredibly dim, or something funny is
going on. We know who’s paying for all this, but do we know who’s profiting?

– This
is from Antonio Cambril’s opinion piece in Granada Hoy, 12 Feb 2017 (Calendario flamenco). I have left out
the scorn he pours on the political parties, as I take that for given.