The Lorca Centre
needs librarians, archivists, filing staff, and such, to keep a track of the
thousands of original manuscripts and documents that make up the invaluable
literary legacy left behind by the city’s outstanding poet.

Apart from the
manuscripts, correspondence, and first editions in its unique collection, the
Foundation is also in possession of a huge collection of books: all the books
that have ever been written and published about Lorca in all the world’s
languages, apparently!

Once the Centre
starts operating properly, not only will staff be needed to manage the
archives, there will also be a need for personnel to advise and inform the
public and to assist researchers who will come from all corners of the globe.
It is clear that the work will require specially trained employees with expert

What a fabulous
environment to work in. Any takers?A cross-section of the Centre, its library, and the purpose-built, iron-clad strong room where Lorca’s material legacy will be kept.

information taken from G. Cappa, Granada Hoy, 17 January 2018 El emblema de La Caixa respaldará el Centro Lorca durante una década