As a
poet-playwright, Lorca started making serious money when his plays,
particularly Blood Wedding, got put
on in Buenos Aires in the mid-1930s. In the years of the Second Republic he was
doing alright. But the money he was worth during his lifetime pales into
insignificance when we consider how much his works are worth today.

Of course, one
would have to say that it’s impossible to put a price on the literary legacy
that Lorca left us. In 2007 Christie’s auction house actually had a go,
estimating its value at between 11 and 17.5 million euros, but that was ten
years ago. The consortium responsible for financing the Centre more recently
used a figure of 18.7 million as an estimation to set up as a security for a
one-million-euro debt. Otherwise it has been common to talk about 20 million
euros or more

the private agreement between the Lorca Foundation and La Caixa (see post#76, 20
January 2018) failed to put a figure on the estimated value of the legacy, which
is a pity because, even if we agree the collection is priceless, an erroneous
valuation could have negative financial and even culture-political

For it is not
only the legacy, but the value of the legacy, that attracts tourists to
Granada. A legacy valued at 11 million euros will not have the same pull as one
worth 20 million.

Lorca y Lola Membrives
después del estreno de “Bodas de sangre” en 1933, en Buenos Aires. Marilyne Gourel de St Pern

Acknowledgement: Facts and
figures from G. Cappa’s article in Granada Hoy, 17 January 2018 El emblema de La Caixa respaldará el Centro Lorca durante una década