In the coming
weeks and months a suitable cultural programme will have to be worked out to
mark the arrival of the Lorca legacy at the Lorca Centre in June this year,
touch wood.

This of course
will be the second time such a programme has had to be devised.

Seven years ago,
a truly impressive programme, the aim of which was to position the Centre as
‘one of the most important cultural assets’ in Spain, was announced for the
planned opening in the summer of 2011. I wrote about it in //,
dated 20 October 2010, and in //, on 30 January
2011. The programme included:

exhibition about Lorca’s poetry collection Poet in New York.

artistic staging of the public readings Lorca used to give of Poet in New
in the 1930s

an exhibition on Dalí, Lorca y la Residencia
de Estudiantes

a performance of the ‘impossible’ play How Five
Years Pass

production fusing the unfinished play we call Comedy without a Title
with its ‘play within the play’ Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

All this was not
to be. As we now know, thanks largely to the fraudulent actions of the
Foundation’s corrupt secretary Juan Tomás Martín, a financial hole of several
million euros appeared in the accounts which prevented the completion of the
work on the building and meant the ambitious programme had to be scrapped (//, 9 June 2011). When the
Centre was finally opened in 2015, it was a low-key affair without pomp,
without ceremony, – and without the legacy. (//,
February 2017).

There is some
urgency in finalising the new programme, as suitable sponsors need to be found
for each of the chosen events.

It hardly needs
adding that La Caixa will be a prime candidate for a role in these sponsorship
plans. Compare #post76 dated 20 January 2018

Starting point for this
post was also G. Cappa’s article in Granada Hoy, 17 January 2018 El emblema de La Caixa respaldará el Centro Lorca durante una década