A few hours of non-stop rain on the
night of 19-20 January accompanied by some fairly mild winds was enough to
clear the air in Granada, a welcome and long overdue relief for all of us.

17 January, Ecologistas en Acción
had reported the alarming levels of air pollution that were being built up over
Granada due to a noxious mixture of nitrogen dioxide and environmentally pernicious particles. This is
part of a familiar weather pattern that is repeated year after year. Something
to do with the exceedingly high summer temperatures favouring the creation of a
layer of ozone which trap said noxious mixture in the long periods of
anticyclonic and windless weather conditions typical in winter. Collected data
showed that by mid-January air pollution
was posing a threat to all forms of life in the metropolitan area of Granada,
home to half a million people.

Fortunately, this threat came to an
end on Sunday just a couple of days after the Ecologists in Action’s warning.
Nevertheless, the ecologists’ call for a comprehensive plan of action to deal
with the poor quality of Granada’s air needs to be heeded in view of the
predictability of a repetition of the unfavourable climatic conditions in the next period of anticyclonic winter weather.

BEFORE … the rain … and AFTER